An Aero Methow Rescue Service Program


Hayley Riach

A MethowReady Family Has an Emergency Kit 

A very simple disaster kit can mean basic survival items when you need them most. Your kit can be assembled quickly and inexpensively, easily stored, and always ready to grab and use on a moment's notice. A good rule of thumb is to have supplies for about 3 days or 72 hours for evacuation, or a 2-week supply for hunkering down at home. You’ll be surprised at how much you already have.
Check off what you have below and gather items (that will fit) into a plastic tub with a tight fitting lid. Store the next near by. Circle the items you need, and make a plan to acquire those as soon as possible.  Then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

☐  Water: 1 gallon per person per day

☐  Food: non perishables

☐  First aid Kit

☐  Flashlight and extra batteries

☐  Fire extinguisher

☐  Manual can opener

☐  Maps of the area

☐  Matches


☐  Warm clothes and sturdy shoes

☐  Radio (battery operated or hand crank)

☐  Cash

☐  Sleep bag or blankets

☐  Cellphone charger

☐  Wrench, pliers or multi-use tool to turn off utilities

☐  Treats: a supply of chocolate, dried fruit or nuts could give you energy and lift your spirits


☐  Prescriptions: keep 7-day supply of medicine

☐  Personal hygiene and sanitation items: toilet paper, feminine supplies, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, soap, unscented bleach, heavy duty garbage bags

☐  Documents: make copies of your birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, leases, titles, insurance policies, and your emergency plan and contact list

☐  Baby supplies and children’s toys

☐  Pet Items: extra food, water, toys

☐  Spare set of glasses, contact lenses and supplies

☐  Family photos

☐  Important items that fulfill any special needs you might have