An Aero Methow Rescue Service Program


Hayley Riach

If there is one simple thing you can do to be prepared, it is to install a reflective address sign in front of your home or driveway. 

Reflective signs can be seen day or night and help emergency personnel clearly identify your property in case of an emergency. 

“These signs would have helped us find people and structures faster during the recent Okanogan Complex Fire,” said Fire Chief Don Waller. “We wish more people had them.”

Reflective signs are widely available online but you can get them locally from the Winthrop Fire Fighters Association. WFFA signs are made from aluminum and measure 6 by 18 inches. They are laminated with reflective blue vinyl and have white reflective numbers.

The signs are designed for mounting in a variety of ways including on top of a mailbox, on a fence post, and on a house. They take two to three weeks to be delivered, have pre-drilled holes, and come with easy installation instructions.

How to Order:
To order your sign through the non-profit Winthrop Fire Fighters Association (WFFA), contact John Owen at 509-322-1051 or
The cost is $15 for a single-side sign, or $20 for double-sided.

All proceeds from the sign program benefit causes in the Methow Valley supported by local fire fighters, such as college scholarships for local students, and fire safety and prevention programs.“



“If we can find you, we can help you.”

- John Owen, Winthrop Fire Fighters Association