An Aero Methow Rescue Service Program


Hayley Riach

There are steps you can take ahead of time to be ready for a situation where it makes sense to stay home and ride out the storm, power outage, flood, or fire.

1. Invest in an alternative source of heat, such as a wood stove.

2. Get a good multi-fuel camp stove so you can cook food out of doors.

3. Consider getting a portable generator.

4. Learn how to shut off your water at your house so you can preserve water. Gravity may drain the water in your hot water and toilet tanks unless you trap it in your house.

5. Be sure you have ample food and water stores in your disaster preparedness kit in addition to personal supplies.

In the case of fire, only if your life would be threatened by leaving should you stay put. In that case, it is best if you stay indoors, in the middle of your house, away from windows, and ride it out until the fires moves through your direct vicinity. This is obviously a last resort. Best to get out early!

However, you might encounter a situation where you need to actually "shelter in place."

This is one of the instructions you may be given in an emergency where hazardous materials may have been released into the atmosphere. This is a precaution designed to keep you safe while remaining indoors. To learn more about sheltering in place, click here.