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Rapid Reporting Rain Gauges

The WA State Department of Ecology has placed rapid reporting rain gauges and stream gauges in and near our recent fires’ burn scars to help with flash flood warning, where radar coverage is less than ideal and where life and property are at risk downstream.

Below are links that show fire perimeters, the latest hourly total of rainfall for all available gauges in the area, and radar data.

2014 Carlton Complex

2015 Okanogan Complex, Tunk Block, North Star, Lime Belt, Twisp Fires

2015 Wolverine, First Creek, Black Canyon, Chelan Complex Fires

2015 Stickpin, Renner, Graves, 21 Mile, Carpenter Rd, Tower Fires 

2014 Mills Canyon, Duncan & Chiwaukum Fires

Change the map data using the table on the left of the map. 


Questions? Contact Katherine Rowden: 

Service Hydrologist, National Weather Service

NOAA Phone: 509.244.0110 x228 

Fax: 509.244.0554 

Please note: most gauges are not winterized - if snow melts in the gauge, it will report as if it were raining and/or they can send erroneous data in colder temperatures. The primary use for many of these gauges is during thunderstorm season.

Also, the amount reported on the map for the duration selected is for the hour previous to when that gauge last reported. To find the precise timing, click on a gauge on the map and scroll down below the map for the table of data.  

Department of Ecology Rain & Stream Gauges

USGS rain gauges (Chelan County)

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