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Local Information

Stay Informed During

Impending or Active Threats

To avoid duplication of efforts, MethowReady relies on local resources to provide up-to-the-minute information during disasters and emergencies.


Informational Resources


Okanogan County's Emergency Operations Center. Activated and staffed 24-7 during times of disasters, Tel. 509-422-7348.

Okanogan Citizen Alert System. You need to sign up ahead of time to get notifications via cell phone, text, etc.

Public Information Officer. Stationed at Aero Methow during fires and other disasters. Tel. 509-997-4013.

Incident Information System. Sign up for a daily email notification plus information over the phone on wildland fires.



Facebook Pages


A word about Facebook pages: Information is more easily passed on or “shared” with others using Facebook. Please note that you do not have to have a Facebook page yourself in order to access information on most Facebook pages. Some of the below Facebook pages are associated with organizations, and others were created by community members. Use your judgment in analyzing the quality of information. The sites in bold are great go-to sites for immediate information.

KOZI Radio


KTRT "The Root" Radio


Methow Conservancy

Methow Valley Fire Information

Methow Valley News


Methow Valley Bulletin Board



Okanogan County And Methow Valley Local Topics of interest


Okanogan County Fire Dist 6

Okanogan County Emergency Management

Okanogan County Fire Contact Page

Washington Wild Fire Relief


Washington Wildfires

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