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Plan & Prepare


Emergency Handbook

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Local Information

Know how to stay informed! 

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Keep an eye on Fire District 6 and their facebook page here.


Are you ready for life in the Methow?

Whether you've lived in the Methow Valley your whole life, or you have just moved here, it's likely that there are still ways you can be better prepared for life in a rural area. 

It's surprisingly simple to get started! Think of this page as your starting point in becoming a more prepared neighbor, family member, and friend. 

Be Informed

Sign up for the Okanogan County Emergency Alert System. This will text, call and/or email you critical information about fire, road closures, burn bans, and more in our area. 

Sign up here: Okanogan County Emergency Alert System notification


Be Easy to Find

Make your home and property easier to find year round by installing reflective address signs. These signs are easier to see in the dark, in the smoke, and in the snow. Have them installed to help first responders and firefighters find you, and your property. 

Order address signs here: Winthrop Fire Fighters Association

Know Your Neighbors

In order to be a prepared neighbor, you need to know who lives around you and how to contact them! In moments of crisis, our neighbors are the people who may be the first to help us. Download, print and fill out the following materials. Keep them on your fridge or somewhere visible. These exist to help you connect with neighbors and make plans to support one another, especially during fire season. 

Download: Prepared Neighbor Materials

Make a Plan and Keep it Visible

Making a clear plan for evacuating your home, as well as sheltering in it, is really important. It is equally important to communicate that plan to your family, and to contacts outside of your home. Fill out this plan, talk about it with the members of your home, and keep it in a place you can easily refer to it! 

Download:Family Emergency Plan.


Get Organized
Take the time to gather some supplies that will make sheltering in place, or evacuating, faster and easier. Don't wait for a fire to come close to home! 

Download:Disaster and Evacuation Kit

Consider Air Ambulance Memberships

Given the nature of where we live, it is not uncommon for people to be flown to a hospital, by air ambulance, in an emergency. The Methow is covered by two Air Ambulance Services, Life Flight and Airlift Northwest. Check with your insurance and your Medicare to see if air ambulance travel is covered by your plan. If it is not, signing up for annual memberships through these two services can help save you from a large bill in case you ever require being flown to a hospital. 

Visit Life Flight and Airlift Northwest 

To be fully covered you must sign up for memberships from both organizations. This change occurred in March of 2020 due to a change in regulations for these services. 

Always call 911 in an emergency. First Responders are the ones to call for an air ambulance if the emergency necessitates it. 




When a disaster or emergency strikes, it's too late to plan.


Being MethowReady means planning ahead of time for you and your family. Regularly discuss the plan with your loved ones, and update the plan as needs change. 


Why Should You Prepare in Advance?

Here Are 5 Reasons to Prep Now For a Future Disaster

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